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Hello,i'm gonna be building my own pc,now is my question,
I have this unused Home cinema from LG,is there a way to conect 2 or more of the speaekers + the subwoofer to my pc and let all the sound come through that?

Note : I won't buy a dedicated soundcard
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  1. It depends what kind of connection it uses, if it is just speaker wire, you would need a receiver.
  2. Yeah regular speaker wire .. and i'll need what?
  3. A stereo receiver or amplifier to go between the speakers, your computer, and the monitor. It is probably more than you want to spend if you do not want to buy a sound card, and I am not sure if there are sound cards that can take in speaker wire or if there is some kind of converter, you could look it up or someone may provide some solution.
  4. A receiver - basically a box that can take various forms of input and turn them into various forms of output - you might already have one. What are your speakers plugged into right now?

    Good ones will run you between 2- and 500 dollars - I could give you some recommendations, but I don't know which ones are good for computer use.
  5. Yeah, I am not sure if there would be any associated delay placing a receiver between your PC and the monitor, works fine for HDTV's, but I am not familiar enough with the differences to tell you.
  6. Quote:
    i plug my pc into my receiver via hdmi. Another hdmi goes from receiver to tv. I also have turn table, multi cd player, blu ray player, 360 plugged into receiver. All play bitchen 7.1 sound.

    HDMI? Is that through your graphics card or a sound card?
  7. You need an amp, or basically a stereo receiver, to get sound to your home stereo speakers from your PC. I am not sure how the video card and monitor got into this conversation, but they are irrelevant here for all purposes.
    Your stereo speakers are made to be driven by an amplifier. If you hooked them directly to your PC, you could barely hear them. You need to get some RCA cables OR HMDI cables if those type of connections are available to you on your amp or receiver, and basically hook your stereo output from your PC to the input side of the receiver or amp, and then hook your speakers to the speaker connections on the amp/receiver. Turn the amp on, set it to the inputs you used (probably something like AUX on the output selection) turn it up and be joyful.
  8. Well, the monitor got into the equation because he stated it is his PC, he did not mention it was being used as an HTPC, thus, I assumed he would need to connect the receiver to the monitor, and I also believe he does not have an amp or receiver. Also, you would need an adaptor anyways to hook them straight into your PC, stereo wire alone won't get you anywhere.
  9. Okaay,kinda confusing,can anyone link me al the parts from any store so i can see what i need whit a lil explanation?
  10. Might help if we knew exactly what model the LG Home Cinema system you have is. It's possible you may be able to directly connect to it.

    -Wolf sends
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