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Hey there,

I am using SpeedFan to set my Zalman 9500 CPU Fan to run on 3 different speeds depending on the CPU temperature.
However, I do not know at which temperature to configure SpeedFan to change the speeds.
This is my settings at the moment:

CPU Temperature | Fan speed
Below 40c | 30% (~1000 RPM)
40c to 60c | 60% (~2000 RPM)
Above 60c | 100% (~2600 RPM)

My CPU is Intel's Ivy Bridge i7 3770 3.4Ghz - Not overclocked.
The CPU Fan is Zalman's S9500.

I would appreciate your opinions on the SpeedFan settings, or alternatively, more information about what is considered good/ok/borderline/dangerous temperatures for my CPU.

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  1. above 60 is okay, its kinda mainstream type temperature
    enthusiasts usually have 40 C at full load temp
    50 is pretty good
    this i7 can handle even 90 C
    with people who have H100's and H80i's they push overclocks alot
    still 90 c i wouldnt feel comfortable with lol
    at most 70 for me personally

    just plug in a h80i for about 80 bux or so or get a noctua NH 14 which is the most formidable cpu fan cooler right now, it is massive so make sure it will fit your case
    the zalman is okay i dont suggest overclock

    unless your comfortable with very high temperatures

    check your wiring, is it nice and tidy?
    does your gpu is you have produce alot of heat?
    get a full tower

    if you have the bucks
    get a super tower

    im not suggesting you buy a new cooler, the one you have will suffice but if your interested then heres some benchmarks showcasing heat
    heres some tests done on 3690X which produces even more heat than 3770k

    H80 is one of them
    remember the H80i is much better just not on this test to showcase heat dissipation or w/e


    this link shows differences between kraken and corsair H series

    to remind you, kraken only has self contained liquid coolers for 140mm and corsair supports 120mm, some of them are too big having large radiators and or x2 120mm fans
  2. Thanks for your reply!

    My computer is brand new, so I have no intention replacing anything.
    I have a decent case - Fractal Design Define R3, and I am not going to overclock anything.

    What bothered me was the noise the Zalman made (it was always running on 100% power).
    So I downloaded SpeedFan to reduce the amount of power the Zalman runs on to subsequently reduce the noise it makes.
    I was just not sure how much I can reduce the RPM of the Zalman without risking the CPU so that's why I am asking :)
  3. np glad to help
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