Do I need to replace my video card?

Hi everybody, i have a nvidia gts 240 (i got it 2 years ago) and I seem to be running into some issues with it. I noticed awhile back it was running quite hot, so I decided to upgrade some parts on my PC. I got a new heatsink/processor fan, a brand new case with 1 front fan and 1 rear fan pushing the air through the pc and out the back, and a new PSU (not really related i dont think). I noticed that my gpu is running REALLY hot even while idle in my air conditioned room. I find it is usually idling at ~66C(with all fans on 100% power), and while I play games (with v sync on) it reaches the mid 80'sC. Should I be concerned? Should I get another card? I just ordered one of the PCI slot coolers from newegg because I'm hoping it will be a quickfix for this issue until I save enough money for a new card.

tldr: gpu runs at high temperatures even though fan speeds are always maxed and room is cool, should i replace gpu?

Any thoughts?


edit: forgot to mention that I currently run with the side panel open at all times and a giant desk fan blowing on the card. If i have the side panel closed, my card reaches ~100C idle

probably important that I put this in here
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  1. did it always run hot?
    Have you tried to clean the heat sink of the GPU if it's dirty?
    You could try rigging up another fan to the side of the gpu.

    A new GPU won't hurt, but it's not necessary unless you are GPU limited in games, don't just get a new one if it's running too hot, clean it all first, see if that makes a difference, if not, you could try attaching another fan to the side of the heat sink.

    You could also leave the side panel off the case (temporary fix)
  2. Get a can of compressed gas(Air duster) and blast that heatsink from the exhaust side towards the fan. bet dust will fly. Then blast air from the fan side towards the exhaust(but try not to let it over spin the fan. Hold it with a finger if you must.) of the card. Do that a few times in each direction and see if it helps. GPUs can collect lots of dust.

    GPUs do not just get hot as they age.

    If the duster does not help, you may want to remove and reinstall the heatsink with new thermal paste.
  3. 100*C idle is definitely abnormal even in the worst possible airflow condition, clean the card's heatsink with compressed air. if that doesn't work try reseating it's cooler (this will void your warranty, if you still have one)
  4. You might have to re-apply the thermal compound on the card. I would also highly recommend blowing the dust out of the card.
  5. be sure if you're doing the duster method, to aim upwards and not downwards so coolant doesnt leak onto the card.
  6. Alright, thanks everybody.

    I'm gonna clean it and apply new thermal paste tomorrow and I'll report back with results!
  7. Sure is cheaper then a new card :)

    Hope it works. Willing to bet it will.
  8. Ok so I took out my card and took off the plating over the fan/heatsink and found this...

    I wasn't able to take off the heatsink and fan from the card in order to replace the thermal paste, does anybody know how to? There were spring screws on the underside holding it in place but when I took them off it stayed in it the thermal paste melted and is holding it there?
  9. Is that dust? Good Lord.

    And there should be screws on the back of the card to un-do the heatsink.
  10. Deemo13 said:
    Is that dust? Good Lord.

    And there should be screws on the back of the card to un-do the heatsink.

    I think its a mix between dust and lint? it was too thick and packed to be just

    I unscrewed all of the screws on the underside but nothing budges, should i put more pressure on it?
  11. Well, seeing as the dust is an obvious problem, maybe just leave the heatsink on for now and see what the temperatures are when you remove the dust.
  12. Ok, I put the card back in and started up my pc and the temperatures are at an all time low! Its now ~45-50C at idle with the case closed (thats half of the temperature it used to be with the case closed lol). Thanks everybody!
  13. No problem!
  14. Well, looks like your heat problems are solved :) Dust + hair(more so with pets)

    Same thing happens to laptops. I had one that i was told was shutting down all the time(and needed the power jac re-soldered). guess what it was :)

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