Help please i dont know what to upgrade to

Hello yall new to the forums.
Im tring to decide what grapghics card would be beter for me when i upgrade soon
currently my setup is this

win 7 64-bit prof
res 1920x1080
nzxt apollo black
amd 970be o.c. 4.2
8gb ripjaws o.c. 1600
2x hd5750
thermaltake 850watt psu

i play all sorts of games and plus i like mods and want to start working on my own mods.
Ive been thinking about going to nvidia because alot of mods i like seem to require textmod and other physx programs
im not sure what would be best to look for but my buget is about 250 if i go nvidia unless i get a new mobo i dont belive its possible to sli with the one i have
the only card from radeon ive look at is the hd6850
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  1. I would recommend the HD7850. Its around that price range and is a very good performer.
  2. Thanks for the help
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    Get the 7870 this weekend (AMD price cut) because it lowers from $299 to $249 (same price as the 7850 now which drops from $249 to $209)
  4. In that case, wait for the 7870 then.
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