Anyone know much about this new form of DRAM?

I'm reading the presentation piece that Rambus put out at the Developers Forum. Anyone have any tech docs on this stuff yet?

I'll start with the first question...

Will this have even a higher latency than standard RDRAM and is it still serial instead of parallel?

Okay, that was two questions...

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  1. Okay,

    Since none of you punks are responding...or are you sleeping? It might be bedtime where you are. (If so, Sorry. :frown: Sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite.)

    Okay, based on what I have seen so far is that this ODR is just really high speed RDRAM that goes at 8 bits per clock. 1066MHz vs. 800MHz and instead of 2 clocks like DDR and 4 like QDR. Hence ODR - Eight X's.

    It is still wired in series. Probably will still have the same latency issues as RDRAM. I.E.> one bank, sorry the terminalogy is wrong here, on at a time instead of being able to use both like parallel SDRAM. (I mean that RDRAM has to alternate between Row and Cell banks. Use # 1,3,5,7,etc. at one time instead of 1,2,3,4,5,6,etc. like SDRAM. So if I totally botched the terms up I am ready for my <font color=red><b>Edu-ma-cation</b></font color=red>)

    Also will probably have a new problem due to the fact that it used less voltage. If it can't read it the first time, due to less signal amplitude, it will have to dump and reread the same stuff. Not to mention wait to go through the whole cycle of strobes, etc. all over again. Man RDRAM has a lot of latency issues compared to DDR and SDRAM.

    Okay I'll shut up - go to bed and read your replies - questions - comments in the morning. Unless you guys wake up now. (Or are you vampires - Ladies of the night?) :lol:

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  2. Quote:
    or are you sleeping?

    No, I was kicking butt in Tribes 2 at the time :)

    There's quite a long discussion of this in the CPU forum. I highly recommend it, it's actually quite a good read.

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