What cause gfx lag?

hi im joe
my problem with my desktop pc this is really odd
now my pc cant handle anything because its too slow
i mean when i just open folder and close it
cpu go to 100 % and back to normal again.

Also When I Play A Movie There Is Unnoticed Lag.

When I PLay FPS Games Its Always Lag Very Badly I mean GFX Lag?
even old games i play it on the minimal resolution but its still lag so badly?

Whats Really Going On With My Pc?

i have some experience but Im not a pro
All My Softwares Are Up To Date Including My Windows.
No Virus Or Any Kind Of Backdoors My Pc Clean.

my motherboard was fixed since 2009

my computer Specifications:
Motherbaord: Asus P4V8X-MX
GFX Card:VIA/S3G UniChrome Pro IGP 64 MB built in
Rams:512 MB Of Ram
HD:160 GB Western Digital IDE
Cpu:Intel Pentium 4 - 2.4 ghz
OS:Windows Xp Pro Sp3 (Original)
Protection:Norton 360 v2.0
PSU:I Dont Have Enough Information About it
PF (pagefile):1 GB Even If I Increased This One
My Pc Still Run Slow.
All Directx9 Features Are Enabled

Note: Even IF I Disabled Norton My Pc Still Run Slow
This Problem Started almost from 2009
in the past i had nividia gefore fx 5600 256 mb but it
was lag so badly too after 4 years this card Breakdown

Did I Miss Something?
Im Curious To Know What Is It
Its Like Headache To Me Im Really Going Crazy
What You Think I Should Change Or Do?
Buying A New Pc Is Not An Option At The Present Time (Later).
What I Need To Do Exactly More Rams - Changing PSU - MotherBoard
- new cpu sorry for bad english i hope i was clear enough because
i really need help about this
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  1. What does the rest of your computer look like in terms of specifications? You don't have alot of RAM and I didn't catch what your graphics card is currently.
  2. He's still on a single core pentium 4... (that's gotta be at least 6+ years old...)

    and he's using the old integrated graphics card on his motherboard with 64mb of vram...

    I personally thing it's his processor being so old since more ram isn't going to help with his processor being slow... (the computer should still be on DDR ram lol.)

    I would suggest getting ANY cheap computer ($200? $300? a used $100 one?) as it will be better than your current computer.
  3. When was the last time that you did a clean install of Windows. I think that this computer will never game, even old titles will really struggle with your lack of Ram, and probably lack of a graphics card. If you want your computer to run better on Windows Xp then backup your files and reinstall windows. Also using Page files is really not the answer, as using a IDE hard drive to compensate for a lack of RAM is going to make your computer REALLY slow.
  4. as i said buying new pc is not an option for now
    last time i setup my windows was 30/9/2009
    im not sure when i fixed my motherbored exactly
    after installing clean windows will not solve the problem
    i think its hardware problem not software
    i forget to tell you guys my pc is slow as hell too when
    i surf the internet i mean cant handle rich webpages
    like flash games - videos etc...
  5. Honestly youve got some pretty slow components, but I would do a fresh install of Windows, that should speed your computer up for a year or so.
  6. ^+1. Do a fresh install of windows and the speed of your web browsing should increase a lot. You will NEVER game on that computer, it's very old and very slow.
  7. You might get away with the original Counter Strike & Half Life on that PC and of course a few other obscure FPS's but your issue is as others have stated is it's just.. old.

    Here is a link to a forum post where others, like you, want to play games on their old PC.


    I believe most of those listed are FPS.
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