I7 3630qm wont go above 50% usage with prime 95 or any other stresser

i just got a new laptop with an i7 and it seems to be stuck at a base multiplier of x12 but i have seen it peak for just a second at x24. while prime 95 is running the max cpu usage is 50%, this doesnt seem right? does anyone have any ideas?
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  1. Are you running it on battery? I would run CPU-Z to watch the speed while you are running Prime 95 or Intel® Burn Test to see the clocked speed. A speed of 12x seems to be hinting at the power saving features being turned on.
  2. no i have it plugged in:(
  3. do you know what power saving features i could shut off? there isnt anything in the bios and the power management profiles i changed a little so i dont think those are it..

    also it is at 1.2ghz while prime95 is running.
  4. Ran prime 95 on my Dell 7720 3630qm and it went 100% CPU all the way @ 2.4 & 3.2Ghz. I also have a possible issue with the processor speed dropping. Mine drops to ~1.66 Ghz on occasion and stays there until I reboot. Can that be normal? One tech said it is, but I can't believe it.
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