NVidia 660 Ti vs Radeon HD 7850

I've seen a video of 660 Ti vs HD 7850, and the 660 Ti is roughly 10 FPS better consistently. But the question here today is should I get it? My friend was showing me his xCilo case which looked awesome, but costs around $250 (coming from him). I kinda want to get his case, and he wants me to get it too. But I saw another thermaltake case that will suit my needs at only $150 and still looks stunning.

The question is should I get 660 Ti + Thermaltake Case = $550 or HD 7850 + xCilo case = $500 (These are the estimated prices.)

My heart lies with the 660 Ti and thermaltake case, but he insists on getting his case.
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    a case will not increase your performance, ok if you have money to waste, 7870's will be $250 by next week, 7850's for $190, oc'ed 7870 will beat a stock 660ti I'm pretty sure, +$250 for the case
  2. Depends on what you want to play. You buy a case you like you probably won't ever have to change it. GPUs on the other hand get upgraded constantly. It's much more of a hassle to change cases than to change GPUs. So if your budget doesn't change and after reading the benchmarks you're satisfied with the FPS that the 7850 is giving you, then go that route. If you need more performance, then all you can do is sacrifice the case. Basically the information is out there and match the games you play and the resolution you play at with the card you require.
  3. 7870 +1 :).
  4. I got the 660 Ti and am extremly happy with it. Plus right now with it you get Borderlands 2 and with the 7850 you get Deus Ex which is literally $7 every other week.
  5. I'd say you get 660 Ti if ya want to get it now, or wait and get the 7870, it is better! Regarding the case, get what you want, your friend will say you his is better 'cause he wants to sell it!
  6. Hmmm I just saw that the Radeon cards have just been lowered. It looks like I will get a Radeon card then. Thanks guys!
  7. everyone, amd already lowered them.....
  8. Your friend insists. Ha. What an ass. He wants you to buy his junk. funny.

    Get the 660Ti and a proper case.
  9. Quote:
    I would also say wait as AMD is lowering prices. You could get a 7870 for the price near a 7850.

    I waited like you said and prices have lowered :D
  10. 99 tnaig eci said:
    I waited like you said and prices have lowered :D

    Glad u got a good deal. Radeon HD 6800 and 7800 cards have great value.
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