I5-2500 vs i5-3570 on z68 chipset

I heard that overclocking Ivy Bridge processors on z68 motherboards is undesirable, so I will be purchasing a locked processor.

I can get a i5-2500 and a i5-3570 for both the same price. I understand that the i5-3570 has slightly better performance, but that comparison was on z77. I'm wondering if anybody knows how well these two processors perform on the z68.
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  1. go for 3570. both cpus will perform the same on z68 or z77
    if you dont want to oc get a cheaper motherboard such as z75 or z65
  2. Or just buy a 2500k and overclock it. Honestly, I have never heard of issues with i5 3570k and overclocking on Z68. Only real issue I could see would be if the Z68 didn't have the bios update to support IVB.
  3. Yeah, the Z68 mobo will only work right out of the box with an Ivy Bridge CPU, like the i5-3570k, if the mobo's BIOS it already up to date to support an Ivy Bridge CPU.

    Otherwise, you would need to install a Sandy Bridge CPU, flash the BIOS then switch out Sandy Bridge for Ivy Bridge.
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    Do you already have a Z68 mobo? If not, why not just get a Z75 if you're not overclocking?

    I have a Z68 and 3570k and it's really not a problem.
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