BSOD because 2 identical video cards inside my pc. help !!

I have 2 GEforce 7300se/7200se . I need 4 monitors on my pc .
I get BSOD since I installed new card which is the same as the first one.
This is killing me , anyone knows how to solve this problem ? Maybe to force installing oher drivers on one card ? I have windows 8 . I tried win 7 with same results.

thank you

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  1. Have you tried XP or vista? Best thing to do is fully uninstall the drivers using driver sweeper. Then download the latest drivers and fresh install them
  2. I did that with that sw ,when pc starts and windows logo shows its starts resarting continuous..

    must b som solution for that instead o buying 4 vgi ports videcard :(
  3. If I manage to install other drivers on one of the cards I think it will solve the case . But I dont know how to do it.
  4. if you can post your pc spec it might help us..the mb and is the video caqrds apg..pci..pic-e..
    if it a newer mb with two pci-e slots. the trick is to get another video card that not the same so that the drivers dont try and sli the cards. most times with issue your having is that the mb and windows are trying to set both cards to the same irq and ram space. sometime you can fool windows or push the other card onto another irq. turn off the pc and pull the video card from the other video card slot. go into the bios and turn off the comports and printer ports if your never going to need them that will free up a few irq. boot into windows with one video card. shut down and install the other video card. at boot check that both videocards are using two irq not sharing one. windows should see the free irqs and set one video cards to use the free irq.
    if windows wont make the video card share.or there a bios issue and the computer still locked into the reboot loop. swap out the pci-e video card for a pci one. the pci-e should be set as the main card and the pci card as video card two.
  5. My mobo : ASUS P5E WS PRO . VIDEO CARDS : GEforce 7300se/7200se ,I think they are PCIe.

    I will try what ou say ,sounds very logic ! Iwill post reply as soon as I finish.
  6. yes they are PCIe and I have 2 PCIE 2.0 x 16 slots on my mobo.
    I managed to disable in BIOS com1 and some other ports I dont use.
    System boot it well,I was so happy...than I restart it to see if wil work again and again asthe windows logo show up it start restarting gain and again . As soon as I remove cables fom one card (when pc is off ) starts fine with 2 monitors.

    I check it on devce manager - display adapters- Resources and IRQ its the same for both : 0x00000010 (16)

    Any other way to alocate different IRQ for one card ?

    I dont know where to
  7. smorizio

    ps 1: I followed your exact steps with above results. any other solutions left ?
    ps 2 : Other model car will fi this problem 100% ? Should be other brand or just another model also from the same brand .
  8. i would if you can return one of the cards if you can. or keep i as a spare and

    make sure you put it in one of the pci slot that wont share and irq. if it for work and not gaming look to micro center or ebay for a cheaper pci card.

    you can also try and on one of the cards uncheck use these setings and set the irq up yourself so that windows wont change the irq on you.
  9. thank you. On my motherboard user manual its says PCIe share IRQ . So ,a new (second hand )PCIe card that is not the same with the actual one will still make problems?

    What cards can use user settings IRQ ?
  10. Or maybe Ishould buy PCI port video card instead of PCIe as the actual one.
  11. easy fix is a pci video card. any brand will do that you can find.
  12. I dont find any PCI with 2 ports :(

    little costly looks like it tow gpu on one card. the other workaround is that cheaper is use a vga to dvi adaptor. there 4-9 dollars on new egg and let you use the blue port with a white cabled monitor.
  14. problem solved . COMOS reset...
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