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Hi there,

I'am updating a few conference rooms in our building. Before I do so, I want to ask you guys how you would do the setup. The cheaper the better BUT it has to be stable.


1 PC Monitor (DVI + VGA)
1 Laptop (VGA)
1 VDI thinclient (2x DVI)
1 Lifesize (not sure but I guess DVI + VGA)

Now what how they want the setup:

They need to be able to switch the TV's input between the Lifesize, the VDI thinclient and the Laptop. Also it should be possible to switch the thin client output to the PC Monitor isntead of the TV.

So basicelly I'm looking for a switch box which hast three inputs (VDI client, Lifesize and Laptop) and two outputs (TV. PC Monitor). The challange is that it's a mixture of HDMI, DVI and VGA.

Thanks for any tips/suggiostions.
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  1. The sound will only be needed while using the lifesize which is connected to the tv (the sound only). While using either Laptop or VDI, no sound is needed.

    I figured out that I could use a DVI Switch only, because like you said HDMI and VGA both can be converted into DVI. So what about a DVI Switch with at least 2 inputs (Laptop and VDI) and 3 outputs (TV, PC Monitor and LifeSize) ? Any suggestions?

    Thanks again
  2. I would not use a bunch of converters, cheap switches, etc.. in a business setting where if it drops people that can fire you are sitting.

    Look at an A/V intergrator, have them install proper enterprise equipment. Will be a few thousand for the hardware I'd say. From what I remember, the rack we used in one of our rooms was about $15,000 for the equipment and setup of it. I was not doing the setup but I was the lead IT tech and did a lot of the spec and some wire routing.
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