GTX 560 VS HD 6870 VS HD 7770 OC

So basically i am looking for a good GPU which is has some good frame rates on games like syrim but also all the Cods and maybe BF3.
I have selected 3 but which one is the best and is it worth paying a little extra for the other ones (not the 7770 OC).
My PSU has one 6 pin pci plug and one 6+2 pin pci plug
My other specs:
Asrock h77 pro4/mvp
Intel i5-3450
OCZ Modstream Pro 500w
1 ssd, 1 hdd

Thanks for your help in advance.
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  1. GTX 560= HD 6870, But gtx 560 has physx and cuda, so i would go for gtx 560 and both are ~25% faster than the hd 7770oc...
  2. GTX 560 2GB would do you nicely if your wanting to max out Battlefield 3, but a HD 7770 would diffently max out Skyrim and Call of Duty: Black Ops II since my HD 6670 maxes the two games out. Overclocked it by 10% and still able to max the games out. But Battlefield 3, you'll be looking at high only if you don't get the extra 1GB VRAM for ultra. After all, Battlefield 3 does take 2GB of VRAM to max the entire game out. But if you can, go with a HD 7850 2GB model, that's better than a GTX 560 Ti 448. Only if you can save up a bit more. Happy gaming. =)
  3. GTX 660 and GTX 560 are almost at the same Price, do not Waste your Money on older Cards. Go with the new ones, will cost more, but keep you satisfied longer.
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