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Hey there, I'm having trouble deciding on finding the right pieces to build my htpc. We recently just cut cable and we are using a roku box atm. I've searched several sites and getting so many different ideas that im getting confused on what cpu/mobo. I'm on a $400-$500 budget. If I can get under that much it would be awesome. Wife has a deathgrip on the checkbook. I need a htpc that can:

Stream 1080p from netflix/hulu
web browser for NFL game rewind and nba league pass
blu ray player
and also dvr my wifes over the air tv shows such as xfactor and the voice.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. I assume that means you need a TV tuner card in it?
    Will find some parts

    Case/PSU (note this may change as I don't think much of the PSU)
    Totals up to around $440
    I will probably replace the PSU/Case as the PSU isn't particularly good. Should be enough for an HTPC though. You may also want to get a custom cooler as the stock ones aren't great.
  2. SomeoneSomewhere has a decent build, but a couple of suggestions:

    1) Go with a retail version of the Blu-Ray Drive. The retail version includes the software required for Blu-Ray playback (not native in Windows).
    For example: Lite-On iHBS212 12x Internal Blu-ray Disc Drive with Cyberlink Software - Retail - $114.87. Otherwise, the software, by itself, tends to run about $100

    2) I'm partial to HTPC cases. Many HTPC cases do not come with stock power supplies (choose your own) and accept standard ATX PSUs.
    This NMediaPC HTPC 5000B - $65 and this Antec Earthwatts 380 - $45 should be sufficient for your needs.

    These changes put you real close to your $500 limit, however.

    -Wolf sends
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