3D capable Cables with NVIDIA!

Until know i have been using HDMI 1.4 cable with my 3D LG Monitor,
but yesterday i have found weird monitor cable inside the monitor box.

So i decided to try it, as i experienced it display great 3D capabilities,
But in matter of numbers:-
1. Which is Better HDMI 1.4 or this cable?
Also i noticed that it dosen't transport sound,
so i had to connect the speakers directly to the PC instead of the monitor!
2. In this Cable can i connect the speakers to the monitor & hear the sound?
3. What is this cable name?
thanks & Best REGARDS.
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  1. That is a DVI-D cable.

    Which is better? Well there isn't really a clear winner. HDMI does carry the sound to the monitor as well, so if connecting your speakers to the monitor is important then there is that to consider - the DVI cable won't do sound. But on the other hand you seem to like the visuals of the DVI cable more.

    What it comes down to is if you care about where you've plugged in the speakers and if you prefer the image from one cable or the other more. There isn't a 'right' answer.
  2. This cable will not support 3D at 1080p @ 120 Hz. It's single link DVI. You'd need to get a dual link DVI cable.


    I'm also not sure but I think Nvidia doesn't support 3D through HDMI.
  3. This is the Cable that i have, this is the Video card that i have:-
    and i am using it with HDMI 1.4 to watch 3D!
    Which Cable is BETTER?
  4. OH 3d movies? They will work. I thought you wanted to play games in 3D!

    If it works, it doesn't get any better. Digital connections don't lose data in the transfer; it either works or not.
  5. For 3d movies only I would go with HDMI1.4, unless you have external speakers you wish to use (usually monitor speakers aren't the best, so if you have actual speakers you may wish to connect them directly to the computer)

    If you want to play games though, you'll want a DL-DVI cable (IIRC it will have a + connector on the far right where yours has a -). DL-DVI supports 120HZ@1080P (not to be confused with 120HZ tv's which upsample your 24HZ video to make it look smoother). No movies are filmed in 120HZ, mostly only video games will output that high of a frame rate natively (but it takes alot of computer power to reach usually).

    HDMI1.4a is limited to 30FPS/eye for gaming, making it a bit choppier (assuming your computer can handle 60FPS/eye or 120FPS output for the given game).
  6. djscribbles said:

    If you want to play games though, you'll want a DL-DVI cable (IIRC it will have a + connector on the far right where yours has a -).

    It depends on if it's DL DVI-I or DL DVI-D. The center area will have pins is the difference between dual link and a regular DVI cable. The - and + are just different standards. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/fb/DVI_Connector_Types.svg
  7. The One i have is DVI-D ( Single Link ),
    1. Is it Good to play 3D Games?
    2. Can i connect the Speakers to the Monitor & connect it to PC via this Cable,
    & Hear the Sound from it, Or do i need to connect the Speakers Directly to the PC?
  8. No it is not good to play games. Another cable costs $5 for crying out loud, get it if you want to play 3d games. And DVI doesn't carry sound.
  9. Thant's all what i wanted to hear,
    That HDMI 1.4 is Better in movies & games regarding the 3D Capabilities.
    Thanks a lot.
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