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Processor is dead?

I'm running win 7 64bit

New power supply, new SDD, New ram, 1 CDROM connected. ASUS M4A78T-E Mobo AMD Phenom quad core processor

Ive been having problems for a while so at the moment these are literally the only components connected. Ive removed the heatsink and thoroughly cleaned the old compound and then replaced some new thermal compound and reattached the heatsink.

I've tried to boot the computer from windows disk which worked for about 10 seconds and then the display went out. No signal etc on monitor. I tried to reboot and still no display. I left it for about 15 minutes and it went to bios setup for about 30 seconds before completely freezing. Every time I power it up the lights an fan turn on, but with no display. If I leave it for a while it seems I can get display for a max of about 30 to 45 seconds. Is the processor dead?
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  1. Or the motherboard is dead.
  2. Id also think the motherboard could be a suspect but I just got it back from ASUS warranty center. The system took a hit in a powerstorm and blew a capicitor. It was still under warranty so they sent me a "new" (refurbished) board back. I suppose its entirely possible that this one is also bad though.. Ive just never had a "bad" processor so I don't know what to look for. It's safe to say that either the Motherboard or the processor is kaput right? In either case, Im going to go intel so ill be buying a new motherboard and processor.
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    Based off what you say, then its more likely to be the chip. Maybe Craigslist or ebay for a cheap tester CPU? Or a PC store if they do repairs might be able to check it.
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