Data is not transferring via LAN cable :(

I m trying to connect my laptop(win7 ulti) with my desktop(win xp) using LAN cable to share files,,,,But i am not able to do this....

My laptop is showing a problem,when i troubleshoot,""Local area connection doesn\'t have a valid ip config""............... :(
Pls help........
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  1. you will need to use a cross-over network cable.

    then follow these steps
    Firstly, you must make sure that each computer is in the same workgroup:

    Rightmouse click on My Computer>Properties>Computer Name::and now check the workgroup to see what it is called and check to make sure that its the same on the other machine. if not, click on rename, and simply rename the workgroup and restart the computer.

    secondly,did you buy or make you own crossover cable? (it makes no difference, but it helps to know later if there is a need for trouble shooting)

    finally, do these machines already have access to the internet, because you are going to need to install some protocols, that wont need to be installed if the machines are already connected to the internet.

    The protocols you need to install are:

    Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
    File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks.
    Client for Microsoft Networks

    those will need to be installed on both machines so that they can locate and find eachother.

    you will need to specify IP's and gateways for each machine after you connect them via the CAT-5 cable.

    Machine 1:

    IP Address:
    Subnet mask:
    Default Gateway: <<let this value default to whatever it chooses>>

    Machine 2:

    IP Address:
    Subnet mask:
    Default Gateway: <<let this value default to whatever it chooses>>

    i have a question though that can affect if this works or not...are any of your PC's connect via wireless internet? if they are you may run into conflicts with the ip address you personally assign, you may want to try assigning them higher up numbers.

    like for machine one and for machine two.

    after you have set up each machine with the correct protocols and connected them, you have to share the music folder.

    Right mouse click on the music folder>Properties>sharing>Click to Share this folder on the network.

    if it doesnt show that, and it showes a warning, click to allow sharing, and tell it that you dont mind that it thinks its a dangerous thing to do. then follow the previous step to share the folder.

    once the folder is shared you can use the My Network Places to browse to the other machine and view the shared folder and the music to move it.
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