Connection to Networked Drives causing 2+minute delay on startup

I'm having a problem which seems to be network related as that's what I have narrowed it down to through forums ect. and now I need to know how to fix it! I always have good luck here and hoping to continue the trend.

Problem: When Windows 7 is booting, it gets to what appears to be the Desktop but no icons are visible, only the solid background and the mouse cursor. It takes about 2 minutes for the loading process to complete from that point after taking only 18 seconds to get there. After trial and error in addition to reading other forums, I came to the conclusion that this is caused by my networked drives that are mapped to the computer. When I unplug them from the network, the entire loading process takes less than 30 seconds!

Question: Is there any fix for this like possibly delaying the connection to the networked drives until I manually access them? Seems all the "answers" I found elsewhere result in editing the registry or something similar which I suppose if thats what it takes I'll do it. Just wanted to get a second opinion before I go in changing things that may or may not address the issue.

Any help is certainly appreciated and as always, thanks in advance!
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  1. One way around this would be to write yourself a batch script to map each network share that you can run from the desktop. Set up the script so that the shares are disconnected after you log off, reboot or shut down.

    Windows will start much faster, and you only have to double click a file on the desktop to get the shares re-mapped.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply! Im great at the hardware side of this but software is another story. Ive never writtena batch script before and wouldnt even know where to begin :/ Any way to just delay the service (which ever one it is) that maps the drive upon startup? I dont mind manually connecting to the device by clicking the path later...
  3. It's actually very easy. I'll post an example below:

    net use Z: \\server\sharedfolder /persistent:no

    Copy the above line into notepad, replacing the share path and drive letter to suit your needs. Save the file anywhere you like (the desktop is easiest) and rename the extension from the default .txt, to .bat. Add additional lines for additional shares (remember to change the drive letter!)

    Post back if you have any trouble :-)
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