GD05 Exhaust Fans near CPU?

Hello, Everyone.
I was putting together an HTPC, and was wondering if putting two 80mm exhaust fans near where the CPU would be in a GD05 would help out or hinder the overall cooling. I'm asking this because the way I see it, the CPU fan (Cooler Master Gemin ii M4) would be blowing down on the heatsink while the two exhaust fans would be sucking air away. I just thought that also maybe since the hot air would rise that's the air it would exhaust and the cool air would go down from on top of the cpu fan turn into hot air and then exit the case.
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  1. Its hard to know what your setup is, I mean, I think I get it from your description, but it's still tough to know. Pulling hot air out should help. What are your temps (say for idle) right now? Then plug in those fans and see what the temps for idle are after.

    You say its blowing air down onto the heatsink? Is this the stock cooler? You might have even better with an aftermarket cooler.
  2. Well I haven't built it yet, I was just wondering before I buy the fans. I might just end up building it and seeing if temps change after installing for better or worse. To answer your question about the cooler, I will be using an aftermarket one (Cooler Master Gemin ii M4).
  3. OK, I see, I missed the aftermarket cooler comment, oops! That should be better than stock. I think the 80mm fans should help, especially since a HTPC case is generally small and heats up quick. Even if on low speed, I think it would be a good addition. 80mm fans are pretty cheap anyway. The only thing you dont want is the exhaust fans stealing the air from on top, where the CPU cooler wants to get the air. But overall, I think it's a good thing. The only sure way to know is probably to try with and without the fans.
  4. Yeah that's exactly what I meant, I thought it might steal the air the CPU cooler is trying to get. Yeah I might just have to try with and without.
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