First Build Good Gaming PC?

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  1. Budget?
  2. Yes I am on a budget, I want to order everything from newegg to make sure everything arrives at the same time.
  3. Is everything compatible?
  4. Excellent build, Everything looks good and compatible, those Sandy Bridge Celerons and Pentiums are quite fast. I would also recommend the HD7770 over the 550ti
  5. His question was what is your budget not if you have one...

    I agree with the HD 7770 over the GTX 550 Ti and everything else looks fine.
  6. Oh I am sorry lol, I really can't spend anymore than this. The AMD 7770 on newegg are more expensive, I want to order it from all the same site so it ships all together and arrives at the same time. I really can't get the AMD 770, I am already around $800 because of a keyboard, mouse and monitor. However, Unless the AMD 7770 performs a lot better than the 550ti then I will get it. I am fine with a GTX 550ti. I like to lower all of my settings so I would play BF3 with the GTX 550ti on Low or Medium at 1600x900.
  7. I dont really trust Powercolor...
  8. any facts? because where talking about more perfomance per money here, the hd 7770 is better than the the gtx 550 ti but is yours choice in the end
  9. I am going with the 550ti, just found out I can't spend anymore AT ALL. Thanks everyone, I will upgrade in the future of course, probably to a 6850. Thanks again everyone.

    I read the reviews for Powercolor and 2 people already said it arrived DOA and then someone else said it had artifacts or something.
  10. that´s a fact XD good luck with your build and remember open a thread again for the upgrade
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