Tyan dual socket for free? or keep amd quad

so i came into possesion of a tyan tempest i5400xt, with two xeon x3330 2.66 cpus.

im currently running phenom II 965 black edition 3.4, with 8 gigs 1666 ram, and a galaxy 560 ti

should i do anything with the tyan and dual socket stuff?

it can only take ddr 2 667 ram

which system would be better?

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  1. Depends really on what you do with your machine.
  2. well i just game mostly, would like 32 gigs or dd2 ram at 667 be comparible to my 8 gigs of 1666 ddr 3?

    i also have a goal of shift a gaming rig to my brother if i can. which rig i keep will depend on which one is better.

    i would swap everything over to the cyan. board the xeons, the 560 and pick up as much ddr 2 to fill the board
  3. The Tyan is a server motherboard, as well as the Intel Xeon CPU's. You're better off just selling those and using the money towards another system.
  4. Each of those x3330s will be about 90% as fast as your AMD 965 alone. So with two of them, you have almost double the total overall processing power. But, with much slower memory and the fact that no game is going to use 8 threads, you are not likely to get better gaming performance with that rig.

    If you wanted to convert some video files or do 3D modeling, dual Xeon Quad all the way. If you mainly do gaming, your current platform would perform slightly better and use a lot less electricity.
  5. idk about 90% 2.66 vs. 3.4 maybe 75% max. Plus you can get a gnarly O.C. out of that 965 given a half way decent board and cooler. Twelve was correct in saying if you are going to do heavily threaded thing the dual quad set up will shine however if you are looking to game that 965 will stomp. Plus nothing is going to make up for the dual sockets ddr 2 667 memory not even capacity. Id say keep your 965 and pass the dual socket.
  6. 2.66 Xeon vs 3.4 AMD, so you can't compare directly with Mhz. If you look at core for core speed, it's about 85-90%. It's essentially a C2Q Q9400:


    Of course you can't OC Xeon, so I agree, overclocking the 965 puts it on another tier.

    Just to be clear, I'm not recommending the XEON unless you want to do something that can really pound 8 cores at once.
  7. yeah, did some more digging.

    turns out it wont work anyways. mobo is tyan tempest i5400xt dual socket lga771

    cpus are intel xeon x3330 2.66 socket lga775 (which correct me if im wrong cant be dual socket run??)
  8. Didn't look very hard earlier, but yes you are correct.

    I think you could get $100-150 for the pair of CPUs on ebay, though.
  9. That's good money towards some go fast goodies for your rig !
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