Best card for 3.6GHz Q6600?

Hi people.

Basic question.

I need to buy another graphics card as my GTX285 is causing me nothing but issues.

So, two questions.

1: Should i go with Nvidia or ATi?
2: What card wont cause any bottlenecking at the speed of 3.6GHz?

I have a Thermaltake Toughpower 650w PSU. It has two 6pin power connectors for the GPU so preferably somthing with two 6 pin power ports on it. Thank you for your help
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  1. Up to a HD7850/GTX560ti 448 core should be fine.
  2. Won't take much to see some real gains but if you wallet is deep enough then go for a 7870 or something similar in performance.
  3. I doubt your CPU will bottleneck any card - it's quad core and at high clock speed. It's all up to your budget.
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