AMD FX 8350 Stock Cooler

Anybody else think this cooler is inadequate for the speed of this CPU ?

I lived for about a week with the stock cooler and finally had it with the Jet Engine speed of this device.

I was already looking at replacing my cooler in my gaming rig, I did so and then decided to recycle the old cooler I originally had, the Cooler Master EVO 212.

So I did two things for this machine, first I replaced my old Aopen Full Tower case it was in for a newer Raidmax Platinum full tower. This way I could use the EVO 212 and not have it stick out of my old Aopen chassis.

I then added a second 120mm fan to the EVO cooler so now there is one that blows air over the fins and the second one draws the air out and blows it towards the rear chassis fan.

Now it runs nice and cool and nice and quiet ;)
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  1. I would say overall the stock cooler is not great, since amd throws it with their cpus its technically adequate lol but yes i wouldnt want one. Is it the heatsink and fan? or the other one they give that has copper heatpipes?
  2. The copper heatpipe model with the smaller high-speed fan.

    It is a compact little thing that can get quite loud once above the 3500 RPM range.
  3. I know lol they can run as fast as they want but still wont cool worth crap lol
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