Rosewill Green series, 530 watt

I found this PSU for about $50. I've been reading alot of comments from other people on other sites that say that people should say away from Rosewill PSUs. Most of those comments though are from about 5 years ago. I'm wondering if in these past years Rosewill has become a better brand.

Also, I found a 550 watt Seasonic Gold certified for about $30 more. Would that be a much better buy for me?

I would be using these on an i5 3570k and radeon 7870 GPU.
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    It's fine, it's a decent psu, it's not one of those generic psus that can't deliver the promised wattage/amps, that one can deliver the full power and has a decent efficiency, but the seasonic is obviously better, with higher efficiency(80 plus gold) and it's modular, i guess it's the seasonic ssr-550rm(for the specs you listed).
  2. I can't seem to edit my original post. Anyway I should have looked through the other posts before typing this out. I found that both are recommended from this website:

    So now I guess I'll turn this into a different question. What will the Seasonic do that the Rosewill won't? Basically why the higher cost if they have similar wattage, and why would i get that?
  3. Because the seasonic has more efficiency, you're comparing a 80 plus(rosewill) against a 80 plus gold(seasonic), the seasonic has also more amps and quality, the rosewill is good but the seasonic is of better quality.
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