9600GT no longer working

Long story short:

- Had an average PC (meant for office-use)
- It has 250w PSU, fine for what I was using it for
- Friend gives me his old 9600GT
- I put it in, regardless of the 350w requirement
- Works fine for 1+half years, running games great
- One day, screen goes black, GPU no longer detected
- GPU fan always at 100% whenever I boot now
- On-board GPU works fine, allows me to install new drivers (still doesn't make it work)

I assume it just over-heated or over-worked itself and died (I knew it would happen, it was free, so I don't mind that much)

I was just wondering if this is fixable at all? I have a new, much better PC, so it's no issue if it isn't fixable. But, I may as well attempt to fix it if it's remotely possible.

Any suggestions?
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  1. Doubt you can fix it. Only thing you can try is to re-install the heatsink using new grease.
  2. You will not be able to fix it. Hell, nobody even would bother fixing it because it would cost thrice the price of new one.
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