Do I need latest drivers when GPU stressing for defects?

Program to stress with: 3Dmarks 11.

AFAIK, I have no defect issues.

I want to check for defects before RMA deadline.

I have the drivers that Windows installed.

Can I use windows drivers instead of the latest?

I don't want/need to install latest drivers for what I'm currently doing.
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  1. Actually you do need the latest drivers. Any issues you encounter might have been fixed already in an update.

    - Fastreaction
  2. I installed 12.8 drivers and passed 3dmark 11 max volts = 1.14V max temp 58C! :bounce:

    This means there's no defect with the card then?

    If so, time to buy mosfet heatsinks.
  3. You will notice it in games if there are any problems (like a lot of artifacts etc) and then you could confirm it with heaven's benchmark. I would suggest you to run a couple of runs of heaven's benchmark and see if there are any problems.

    - Fastreaction
  4. have no games atm but just tested heaven twice can now cvonfirm no artifacts!!!
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