What processor do I need to replace AMD Sperion 80gb for Windows 7 Ultimate?

I have new Windows 7 ultimate to replace XP in my Compaq Persario Desk Top. I am thinking of upgrade from AMD 80 gb hard drive to 500 or 1 tb, but am concerned with info I located about various brands being less than long term reliable??? As well, I am thinking that Processor and/or complete Mother Board. If it is not obvious, I am very much a novice at this. Simply seeking the best advice to create a very good system.
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  1. First, you will want to be sure that the HDDs you are planning to get are compatible with your system. From what I can gather about your computer, it may be old enough that it uses an IDE connection for the hard drive whereas modern drives use SATA connections. Western Digital and Seagate are absolutely reliable brands.

    If your system is as old as I suspect, it may not be worth your money to upgrade the CPU or motherboard. Can you post specifications or the model number?
  2. Thanks for your reply. I feel that an upgrade processor may work with present mother board. Perhaps the following information may provide some help: Compaq Presario, Model: R1602HM...Sr1000, Serial # CNH5361B5N, System #EG643AA-ABA. I called HP talked with a lady across the World. The Rep. only wanted to sell me a new CPU.
    If there is not an upgrade AMD Processor, I will continue on as is CPU.
    Thank you for any information provided.
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