New build wont start

x79 sabertooth mobo
4x4gig 240pin 1866 ram
i7 3930k

when i boot the system up it displays a red led light labeled dram. i tried inserting each stick in 1 by one...same prob. tried ram from another pc...same prob

i have gone through the new system checklist with no luck.

reading other forums i believed the problem to be my bios version. i attempted to update the bios using a flash drive but i dont think it worked. flash drive was correct format and the file was the correct filename but i dont think the update actually worked.

so i am now clueless. any ideas?
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    i thought that was going to fix my issue. but i was not able to get my system to properly update the bios. i followed all the steps and tried multiple times... no luck

    for those familiar with the asus x79 sabertooth flash drive bios update feature. when i insert the flash drive and press the bios button, the button blinks twice then stays lit.

    i have attempted to update using the most recent .ROM file and the most recent .CAP file. i also tried the converter. none of them worked for me
  2. Does your motherboard support 1866 speeds?
  3. yes it does. i even tried a lower speed ram. same issue
  4. not sure if this helps. i am using a asus water cooling heatsink. the fan that is mounted on the case is not turning on when i start up the pc. the vid card fan and all other fans do turn on
  5. well i think i figured out the problem. the heat sink has a 3 prong connector on it. so i connected it to a 3 prong fan connector insread of the cpu fan connector. once i switched it to the cpu connector it started up
  6. Maybe your bios update worked after.
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