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So here is my situation. I have 2 monitors for my PC. And my TV is in the other room. I have a set of wireless HDMI transmittors for outputting hdmi output from my computer to the TV. The idea being, instead of building a dedicated home theater PC, just use my main pc with the hdmi out and wireless transmittors.

For the record, the wireless transmittors work fine, i've used them to wirelessly display my xbox and played games with virtually no dealy.

I'm wondering if the GTX 560 will satisify this situation. my understanding is this GPU has 2 dvi outs and a mini hdmi out.

If i have both DVI outputs form the 560 into my 2 monitors, and then the HDMI out to the TV (through the wireless hdmi transmitters) will everything work properly?

as in:

--will all displays work at the same time? i.e. both monitors and the tv? or, when I want to display on the TV is there a botton or switch in the nvidia software that will toggle the TV on and off, with the monitor displays going on and off.

--The hdmi out on the gtx560 does output surround sound yes? from what i've been reading it looks like it does.

--Since the sound from the 560 goes through the hdmi to the TV, can i also output sound from the onboard soundcard to my computer speakers? would it just be a simple toggle in the sound device settings?

Alright, thats enough outta me.

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated!!

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  1. There's a problem: GTX 560 can only support two simultaneous monitors at the same time.

    You have two solutions if you want all of them outputting at the same time: either buy a cheap card like GT 520 or GT 610 for the TV, or buy a replacement for GTX 560.

    The HDMI output does indeed transfer surround sound.

    It depends on the program/game. On most occasions, they will let you set which output they use, however, in some others - they won't. And if you want only one sound outputting at a time, there's an easy toggle. But you should be able to get sounds from different programs through different outputs at the same time.
  2. Ok, well i'm ok with switching outputs i suppose. I'll never be having the TV on and the moitors on at the same time. i would be gaming with the monitors on, and then if i wanted to watch a movie or something on the tv, turn on the HDMI port and turn off one of the DVI ports.

    I haven't actually bought tha gtx 560 yet. i currently have a gt 260 i put into my machine back when i built it in 09'. Unfortunatly, the PCI-E slots on my motherboard are just too close together to put two of these giant video cards into. So i was just going to replace the 260 with the 560.

    However, i don't really game too much besides like dota 2 which has low requirements. i could get away with a GTX 560 SE right? and it would probably still be a pretty vast improvement on my gt260 anyways correct?
  3. GTX 560 SE would be around 30% faster than GTX 260. GTX 560 would be around 40% faster than GTX 260.
  4. Awesome, thanks.

    and now that i'm thinking about it. i simple HDMI swich would do the trick anyways, since i'm not going to be displaying both at the same time. have one DVI output to one of the monitors, and have the HDMI go to a 1in-2out HDMI switch, 1 goes to the other monitor, the other goes to the wireless transmitter and to the TV.
  5. That would work ideally ;).
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