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I am backing up my files so that i can uninstall win7 32 bit and install win 7 64 bit. Should i format the backup flash drive for FAT or NTFS
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  1. why you dont save them on a rewritable cd or dvd so they will be the same and you wont need to format the flash drive
  2. Win7 will make a copy of the data files, not programs (these you will reinstall along with drivers and chip utilities). If the flash takes NTFS use it, if not FAT will work as win7 will read either one.
  3. Most flash drives come as FAT32.

    NTFS has one down side(yet an upside as well, its better in a network or multi user environment) being its permissions. So if you go that route, you may need to take ownership of the files once the reinstall is done.

    I use an external drive for backups. The lazy way is to just give the "Everyone" group Read + Execute. You will still want to take owner ship of the drive so you do not have writing issues.

    Alternatively, you can just give the "Everyone" group Read + Execute + Modify + Delete(or even go to full control). Just not that if the drive gets lost, anyone can access it with ease(but it is not like they cant just take ownership anyway, if its not encrypted, its not half safe).
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