Which gpu do i choose? the gtx 660 ti PE is $10 cheaper.


intel 3770
asus p8z77 v pro
8gb corsair vengeance
corsair hx650
corsair 500r white
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  1. Just get a 'normal' MSI 7870 or 660 ti

    There's no real reason to pay such a premium for an overclock. As far as which card to get I'd get the cheaper of the two, in this case the 7870. Both are going to be within +/- 5% of each other for the most part, with each card winning some games and loosing others. For the two I linked the 7870 being $20 cheaper makes it the clear winner.

    After getting a regular card you can just quickly load the included OC program and set it to the same speeds as the Hawk or Power Edition card.
  2. I'd get GTX 660 Ti considering it's better than HD 7870.
  3. Sunius said:
    I'd get GTX 660 Ti considering it's better than HD 7870.

    Thats the isn't 'better'. Both cards will compete very similar to each other in most games. Depending on the specific games you look at one will be better, but in the broad scope of things they come pretty close to each other overall. If a price difference comes in to play I'd get the cheaper of the two, whichever that would be.

    On top of that the 7870 seems to enjoy better overclocks, so if you're in to that kind of thing that is a real strong factor to take in to consideration.
  4. Techpowerup used 20 benchmarks.

    Their result:

    Full review:

    So yea, GTX 660 Ti is better. And HD 7870 doesn't overclock better either: GTX 660 Ti is a solid overclocker as well.
  5. Most 7870's seem to make it to 1250-1300 Mhz core fairly easily. Looking around all the review sites, the 660Ti seems to be just a little better than a 7870, but worse than a 7950. It's a toss up, really. I would go with the 7870 for two reasons:

    1. Even though the 660ti overclocks well, it scales VERY poorly, because it has a limited memory bus.
    2. In the future (near in some cases), and even now, the smaller memory bus is a crippling effect. Antialiasing and other post processing effects results in a huge performance hit, bigger than any other card in this price range would.
  6. 660 ti
  7. Sunius said:

    So yea, GTX 660 Ti is better.

    It depends on the site you're looking at.,3279-17.html for example shows the 7870 ahead. Depending on the set up for different games either card can come ahead, depending on AA and textures. Doing anything past 4xAA will cripple the 660 ti. I'm not saying the 7870 is better, I'm saying they are on par with each other. The better of the two is whichever you can find for a cheaper price.
  8. At 1920 x 1200 I like the 660 Ti .... at 2560 x 1600, I'd lean to the 7950 ...the 7870 just ain't in the game.

    It's not gonna be the slam dunk that the 560 Ti was when it outsold all AMD cards in the $200+ category combined, but still it's a problem for AMD at current price levels.....especially with reviews out there saying .....

    the [MSI 660 Ti] easily beats AMD's HD 7950 in all important criteria: performance, power, noise, heat, performance per Dollar, performance per Watt.

    while [the 660 Ti] is priced at levels around the HD 7850 and HD 7870, its performance is around that of the HD 7950 and HD 7970.

    according to games the 7870 beats the gtx660ti 5-2!

    the gtx 660ti seems to loose its lead at higher resolutions due to its narrower memory bandwidths
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