E8400 39c idle - 72c full load no overcloack help!

Like i don't get it. I seem to have a good idle temp, but when i use prime95, i get 72c at 100%. I'm on a stock cooler but it shouldn't be a problem because i saw people OC their e8400 with stock cooler under 60c. Also i want to say that i was at 95c like 2days ago before i cleaned all my PC and applied thermal paste. So i guess something is damaged or i'm a total idiot. The thing that piss me off it that i want to oc but i know i can't with this temp already.

Need help because i'm lost :cry:
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  1. you havnt installed the stock cooler correctly

    re-installing by following the instructions
  2. These ******* stock cooler are a pain in the ass to install. But it can't be that. When i didn't install it correctly my pc wouldn't start saying that my cpu temp was too high. So i re-installed the heatsink and it worked after that. Do you think i can do it better? Because when i try to move around the heatsink, it doesn't move at all.
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