New pc, just need input on the psu :)

I am curious if the PSU I ordered is good enough for my system :) I heard tons of great shizz about this psu :D

Asrock Z77-Extreme 4
16G Kit 1600 G.Skill Sniper
2x 2G 7870 asus
Corsair HX650-V2 << Is that enough to power the system??? Considering my current is a 1st gen GX 650 -_- upgrading is a must.. XD
9 case fans and an antec kuhler 620
OCZ 64gb Samsung 1tb main and Samsung 500gb backup

I would like some input here :) I own a lot of these parts already, I am just doing an Ivy bridge rebuild and thought I would crossfire at the same time :)

Any help would be great!!! :D
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  1. I'd probably be looking at a single 7970 GHz Edition, as CF/SLI can be troublesome. Get only 8GB ram, and you want low profile. I recommend

    650w should be enough to power 2x7870, but I would want at least 700w, especially if OCing.
  2. I already have a 7870 anyway XD.. Otherwise that would have been a dang good answer... Also for I currently own 8gb.. why not another 8gb for $48? Unless I will loose fps? And I dont really see me oc'ing my cards... Perhaps the cpu to 4ghz and the cards to 1100mhz each.. but again... not really thinking about it XD
  3. 650W will be enough for dual 7870's, but you will be running at somewhat high usage under load.
    750W is usually recommended for dual card systems.

    If all you are doing is gaming, 8GB of RAM is plenty. While its true that RAM is dirt cheap now and there isnt any downside to having more RAM, you could probably spend that money better elsewhere.
  4. I would go for 700W or 750W so that you can do decent CPU overclocking and considering for capacitor aging.

    U can stick to ur current PSU if it have enough current on 12V rail and enough connectors.

    My setup is almost like yours except that i'm waiting a while for my second 7870 card till the prices drop and my PSU is Corsair TX750M.

    You can play BF3 with all maxed on 1920 x 1080 goodness without any issue even with the single card btw.
  5. You won't lose FPS, but you probably won't gain any either. I'd use the money to get a heatsink, as I take it you're using the stock one?

    I'd also get a cheaper, more powerful, maybe modular PSU. That HX650 seems to be pretty expensive.
  6. I will just use the 1155 brac on my antec kuhler for cpu cooling. I also guess your right, perhaps when I get a sound card sometime mid/late next year, I will get the extra 8gb when it may actually improve fps. And its shogun 2 that I am focusing on. By far the most enjoyable game I have ever played, so I wanna enjoy it, in all its glory XD.. Is there a psu that is hopefully 150 that would be better suited? I know you get a decent psu, but who knows haha XD?
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    Heres a basic Corsair 750W unit.
    Corsair Enthusiast 750W. 80+ Bronze non Modular. $110 ($25 rebate)

    And here is if you want to spend that full $150. About the best PSU at this wattage you can get.
    Seasonic X-Series 750W. 80+ Gold Fully Modular. $150

    Why a sound card?
  8. I have 5.1 running on onboard XD Also thankyou, I will look for both.. What is your oppinion of the Thermaltake ToughPower XT 775 or the Thermaltake EVO Blue Gaming 750? Just out of curiousity. I am just trying to learn what to look for when getting a legit psu :)? Haha sorry for all the questions but I sorta wanna make sure, I do this right!
  9. Stay away from the majority of thermaltakes psus like the plague buddy.
  10. 750w should be just fine for what you want.
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  12. Recommended brands are OCZ, XFX, Antec, be-quiet!, Corsair, SeaSonic, FSP, Enermax, PCP&C, and maybe one or two I need to be reminded of.
  13. Was actually considering a Toughpower 775W for my rig when it was still in the planning stages. Its a decent supply, but not great. Not sure about the other.

    80+ certification and Active PFC are a must for any PSU. Dont bother with any that don't have these.
    Then you get to efficiency. 80+ certification means it will be at least 80% efficient between 20 and 100% load. Then you have 80+ Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each is more efficient than the last
    If a PSU is modular, it means you can disconnect cables from the PSU itself. So any cables that aren't being used you can just take out and end up with a tidier build. Some PSU's are fully modular, while some are only semi (they usually have the 24pin and 4pin ATX cables attached). Fully modular is good because you can take the PSU out of the rig for cleaning without having to disturb any cable management.
    Beyond that, it comes down to reviews on the unit. Good reviews sites will run variable load testing under hot and cold conditions and will monitor it while doing so. This will expose any flaw in the supply, like if it cant even supply its advertised wattage (Read a DIABLOTEK 1050W unit review where the unit couldn't even output 600W before failing) or blows up after a few minutes.

    And as mentioned, some brands are better than others. Seasonic is about the best you can get, as well as XFX (are actually re-branded Seasonics) and Corsair.
    This table is a good indicator of whether a brand is good or not.
  14. Thanks for all the assistance :D! I just ordered a TX750 for the psu obviously haha XD Thanks for the all the help again mates, hopefully it doesn't turn out to be a lemon like my CM GX650 -_-.. If so I blame you guys haha jks :)
  15. The guy tried selling me on a Shaw 1500w.... You have got to be joking me! $20 for a psu, yeah I am not letting that thing, anywhere near my tower D:
  16. $20 for a 1500w!!!. You can actually get a half decent PSU for $25 (after rebate)
    But yeah... Corsair is a good brand though.
  17. 1500w -_- its an accident waiting to happen XD and thanks for the input :3
  18. The rule of thumb I follow is that if its 550W+ and costs less than $50, be suspicious.
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