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hi guys and girls, im trying to build my first computer. i have a set build in mind and it would be great if anyone here can give his or her insights. my build is:

case - cooler master HAF 912
cpu - intel core i5-3570k
motherboard - asrock z77 extreme4
gpu - nvidia geforce gtx 560 ti
ram - corsair vengance 8gb
psu - corsair builder series cx600 600w
hdd - western digital 1TB
optical drive - asus 24x dvd burner

is this an alright build? im going to be mainly using this for gaming and browsing. im a total noob when it comes to computers so any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks!
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  1. Budget? I'd recommend a HD7xxx GPU, as they use less power. Also you need an aftermarket cooler if OCing.

    I'd suggest low profile ram, and you want DDR3-1600 CL9.

    You might want to get an SSD as they improve bootup times and loading times. SSD830 or Vertex 4 are my suggestions.
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    Yep, you have got it pretty much right.

    Case is feature less for the price, would get a Zalman Z9+ instead.

    Mobo, CPU is good.

    GPU is old now and is easily outclassed by other cards. Look at a HD7850 or GTX660 instead.

    RAM is good, though with tall heatfins. This will become an issue if you install an aftermarket heatsink to overclock (which you can on this hardware btw). Would look at getting a low profile kit like the G.Skill Ares or Vengeance LP.

    PSU is good, if bare in features.

    HDD is also good, though look at Seagate Barracuda's. They are often cheaper and slightly outperform Caviar Blacks.

    Optical is meh, no one uses discs anymore so performance here doesnt matter.
  3. just read the "how to ask for new build or upgrade advice" thread... *facepalm*
    i want to keep the build under $1000
    what is a low profile ram?
    and i forgot to write down that i will also get an aftermarket cooler (cooler master hyper 212 evo)
  4. Low Profile RAM is shorter than high profile RAM, so you wont run into issues with it conflicting with aftermarket heatsinks. Corsair Vengeance has one of the largest heat-fins on the market.
    Can see the difference in this pic.

    The 212 EVO is a good cooler. Used it until I replaced it with my W/C'ing loop.
  5. This is my current advice if in the US:
    The other one with MASSIVE spreaders is the Hyper-X T1:
  6. one more question.
    if i were to get a gigabyte radeon hd 7870, would i need to get a full tower case? because some reviews stated that you need a full tower case because this card is really big or something
  7. All graphics cards have the same width, so any case will support it that size wise. Its length varies from card to card, model to model. Check the supported graphics card length of the case, and compare with the length of the card.

    Most of the time full tower means its taller, not necessarily wider or longer.
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