Blue screen, not bsod

during sending an email, my primary monitor went blue, i played around with the color settings and they were normal and couldnt change my color back, all connectors are in correctly, i didnt touch my screen or move it, it just randomly changed color. how do i fix this?

it goes blue for about 2 minutes and changes back to normal for around 2-5 seconds and goes back to blue
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  1. you said this is primary monitor so I am guessing you have multiple monitors hooked up to this machine? How many do you have? what you should do is disconnect them all except this one and try to trade out the bad monitor with a good one and see if the problem goes away...if it does its the monitor going out or if it is still there it could be something else like the video card or sounds like the monitor is going bad...this happens alot before monitors die the colors go weird
  2. i managed to fix it, i changed the vga cable and dvi connector and now its running fine, it must have been a bad wire or connector, the cable also sent my other monitor a different color but i will keep your solution in mind, thank you!
  3. most likely it was the cable you could probably pick up a new one for cheap from amazon or newegg
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