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Ok so im having problems at home, i have a 6mb connection i Normally Download at 600kbps when no one is online but me, but in this year everyone got a New Pc , from 3 pcs in my home now i have 7 , 2 ethernet, 5 wireless all connected to the same router...

I had a talk with my family and now i have 3 hours to play my Online Games without lag, nice =) but....... after those 3 hours are over... I cant Download ***, I go from 30kbps to 80kbps and thats all. take like 1 hour to download 150mb.. i dont like how my router is working the bandwith, so i want to Divide that bandwith so i get a steady 2mb, Im paying it so seems fair to me. Dont Wanna install programs in their computers to limit the bandwith, just wanna know what are my options. Iam a Newbie Here so please help, Money is Not An issue and No i cant Upgrade to a better connection thats the best you can get here. So please

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  1. what router do you have?

    have you looked to see if your router supports QoS (Quality of Service)?
  2. 2wire 2701hg-t
  3. Talk to your ISP to see what it will take to change the router to a modem only and for you to use your own router

    once you find that out, get different router.

    you might want to look at a router that can use DD-WRT firmware which should have the features you are looking for.
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