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Hey guys as you can guess im new to overclocking actually you can say im new to computer gaming as well since i didn't play computer games since 5 years.. So i built a gaming rig , nothing too fancy just enough to play games without hassle. I put a fx6300 and i bought a zalman 7500 cu led because i knew i was gonna overclock ( all the talk and showing off got me ) but i couldn't get it on the cpu :( i just put the stock cooler till i figured it , but it seems my temperatures aren't bad at all! I have about 20-25C at idle and between 55-60C on various stress tests.. I put the overclock on 3.8ghz to be on the safe side but i wanted to know if temperatures are all i need to worry about? I got a 970 extreme4 mobo and 630w psu and gtx660 ( gigabyte OC ) and i have a raidmax case with 4 fans ( side,front,rear,top ) it's very cool inside the case too..? So any helps appreciated guys THNks! :D
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    Your idling 20-25c @ 3.8ghz? That is pretty good for the stock cooler in my opinion. I installed a FX6200 with the stock cooler a few months ago, never oc'd with the stock cooler and was getting about 27-28c @3.8. I installed a Arctic A30 cooler and turned up the cpu to 4.3ghz...i'm idling around 28c again and 59c under full load. If your wanting to over-clock your chip pretty high, i'd go ahead and start looking to upgrade that stock cooler, otherwise looks like your fine temp wise.
  2. Ok my bad i was using core temp which was way off, i realized it in the bios.. So i got fanspeed and it's more realistic now.. About 38-40c on idle and got up to 55c with heavyload for like 5 minutes.. I did go back to 3.5ghz though and replaced the paste with arctic 5.. Anyway i will get a cooler either way. I don't want anything real fancy or huge like a hyper 212 just something to keep the cpu "cool" without breaking the bank.. Thinking about, . $15 dollars for copper face, two copper heatsinks and a quiet fan... Looks good on paper ?
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