Intel core 2 quad or AMD phenom x4 ???

I purchased a Hp Dc 7800 Core 2 quad 8 mb chache Mechine with 6 gb ddr2 ram and Radeon hd 6770 GPU.It didnt impress me in Gaming performance so i Changed my rig to an AMD phenom x4 Hp DC 5850 with same Ram and GPU and the results are very shoking the much cheaper and lesser amd CPU out performed a better and expancive intel quad core in all Games.Intel cant run Spec ops the Line,Skyrim,DMC 5 and many latest on high setting but AMD is Running them on Highest possible setting with Full Frame rate.Why do people say that Intel is better then amd??plez shed some light on my question why my AMD Beated up the intel so badly.
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  1. Please, re-edit your post so it sounds less like an intent to start a flame. It will defeat the purpose of your thread.

    as to your question, that claim seems a bit unusual but then are you comparing a core 2 quad to gen one phenom quad or gen two?

    here is a comparison
    core2quad with phenom gen 1:

    same core2quad with gen 2 phenom

    Tried to keep the cpu frequencies as close as possible to each other. True, the games you've mentioned are not there but I doubt there would be a considerable deviation.

    I may be wrong. so someone else may point the right reason.
    also if you could point out the exact two processors you are comparing, it'll be of much help.

    good luck
  2. Thanks for reply.I have a Gen 1 Phenom (phenom x 4 9600b ) comparing to core 2 quad q6600.
    My Phenom runs on 2.00 ghz total 4 mb cache, and quad core runs on 2.60 ghz 8 mb cache total.
    According to Facts and Figures Core 2 quad have to perform lot better but what i see in my case.The phenom is Running Way much better and faster in Gaming with same amout of ram and GPU dont know why and how but thats true..

    here is the official link for both PCs
    Core 2 Quad =

    Amd Phenom =

    Currently i can Play Gta IV with ENB mod in ultra setting 720p and Bf3 Ultra 720p with Anti-Aliasing enabled to mid level.
  3. and both systems are running same windows version i.e 32 bit and 64 bit?
  4. Yah same every thing is same only mobo and prosessor are changed...

    My little brother told me to shift from intel to AMD he told me that amd is much better in gaming compare to intel and it happend, amd is 10x better performing then intel.
  5. well I was about to ask you to ignore that last post. You said 6 gb of ram so naturally, your systems are running 64 bit windows. anyway, I can not think of any reason why it is so. and I assume the temps are pretty good too with both the cpu' thermal throttling right?
  6. Yah!! Good temp on both PCs.boths pc are working fine even intel is way much faster in raw prosessing..but in gaming it work nothing in comparision of amd.
  7. That was when AMD/Intel were like neck and neck in performance, with these 2 CPU's AMD having the lead in a few things while Intel would at others. Right now Intel is stronger, I can't say that much stronger then AMD in gaming, there are cases where even a OC i7 couldn't keep up with some stock AMD platforms in gaming. They trade blows at the most, Intel usually up ahead. just depends on what you want to do with the system really.
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    Well AMD kinda lost the lead over Intel with Core2 architecture's introduction. OP has really intrigued me with this. Also, with the Intel machine performing better in almost everything other than gaming, I am a little inclined to think it could be the pcie slot's poor performance (faulty...IDK) on the intel board. That or a bad psu on it (not holding the rated Vrail amps)

    The AMD could easily be genuinely better but still I'd like all shades of doubt to go out the window. As one last thing to try, I'd swap the psu's on the two machines and see if that brings any performance hits/increase to either machines.
  9. Thanks all the Members really helped me to decide my future upgradition.
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