120Hz or a other peripherals? 235$ left for peripherals

The parts I own:

Saphire 7950
3570k W evo
Semi-modular 550w power supply
1Tb seagate
Z77 Mobo

What I need:

Mouse- 12$ Pixio 2000 dpi mouse
Keyboard- Microsoft 2000 I want, 19$
Case- Dunno

I can get this monitor for 200$: Acer GD235HZbid Black / Orange 23.6" 2ms(GTG) HDMI Widescreen 1080p NVIDIA LCD 120Hz

And it's 120Hz! Or should I get a lower priced monitor like a plain 21.5" led and get other good peripherals?

What do you guys think?
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    pick a better mouse like a razer deathadder black edition

    get a better keyboard like the coolermaster quickfire pro (69.99 at amazon i think)

    get a IPS panel. id rather get good image quality compared to a fast, inaccurate monitor

    like this on

    good case
  2. Not all 120hz monitors are innacurate. I have one that has a great, accurate picture.

    It really comes down to your preference--smoothness and high fps vs. great hi res image quality and color. I have to have high FPS. On the other hand, everyone I kow who has a IPS panel swears by it. I have heard good things abou those ones from Korea.
  3. Not all 120hz monitors are inaccurate. Mine has great picture quality and is very accurate.

    It all comes down to personal preference. If you like high FPS, liquid smooth gaming go 120hz. If you want a great, hi resolution picture with awesome color, go IPS. I have heard good things about those Korean IPS monitors.
  4. a TN panel just wont be near what a IPS can do.

    the korean monitors still arent over here in major stores. not recommending them just yet
  5. TBT, what in your opinion is the major benefit of an IPS in terms of gaming over TN panel, (of course setting aside the higher frame rates of a 120 hz monitor)? What IPS would you reccomend if not the Korean brands? Is there a particular brand you recomend for gamers specifically?
  6. So, what I took from what you guys have said:

    IPS: better colors.

    120Hz TN: Very, very fast.

    But unfortunatly, It seems I can't afford what you've recommended. Strict 235$ budget for peripherals.
  7. well then you could just get these

    vs228h-p monitor (TN but looks decent enough) 138.99
    antec 302 case: 54.98 @ us.ncix. good case for the money
    get a better keyboard like a logitech g105. they sell for 29.99 at newegg once in a while. much better than your standard membrane

    and you need a better mouse like a razer deathadder. save money for that. getting crappy mice wont provide any gaming experience
  8. If you could, check out this mouse BigTroll:

    It only has 14 reviews, but apparently it's rather decent for what it is. And 2000 DPI is really good.
  9. no. i suggest bothering with ratherly unknown brands.

    customer reviews mean almost nothing to me. i generally have to see a good reviewing site to say its good and then i suggest it

    ahh a good mouse

    or if you want something a little better
  10. I'd save 100$ and get a BenQ XL2420T 24"LED 3D Ready 120Hz 2ms (370$ @ Amazon)
    I was going to pick the one you chose but it is unreliable, this on the other hand is the best 120hz 3D TN monitor ( there are no 3D 120Hz IPS monitors on the market). Trust me I'd save and go with this. There is nothing better in it's price range.
  11. Alrighty. Thank you! Final question, would it be a bad idea to "bread-board" and just get a case in a month or so? That way I could use my money towards the peripherals you've recommended. And @ heizen I've pretty much opted out for 120Hz at this point.
  12. image quality>speed.

    oh and you will need 2 7950s to run bf3 at 120hz so that you can take advantage of a 120hz monitor properly
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