Corsair HX750 Hissing noise

Hi guys, I have a newly built gaming pc with an Hx750 Corsair PSU & an EVGA GTX 670 2gb FTW Sig II

I have a strange issue! When ever I load Mafia II game without vsync my PSU starts to make a hissing noise mostly in the menu of the game and when switching in different menus the hissing noise varies! with vsync on, no hissing noises!

I googled it and the most answers I ve read that it is PSU coil whine, some say that it should be replaced RMA and some say its normal!

What should I do guys? Someone have the same issue? I m quite worried :(
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  1. Its only been an hour and a half, that's a pretty good response time compared to most forums :lol:

    Sounds like coil whine to me, and it seems to only happen when under a heavy load. Download a program called Furmark, and run that. If the coil whine happens, then you know its either the PSU or GPU making the noise.
    Then download a program called Prime95 and run its torture test, if the whine happens then you can be fairly sure its the PSU. If it doesn't, then its back down between the PSU and GPU. Will have to figure out some other way to establish which one it is, maybe move the card to another system and try Furmark again.

    Whichever component it is, see if you can get an RMA on it.
  2. Its noticable in menu of games and when not using vsync! i m seeing that it is pretty common with corsair psu's! If its really safe & fine then I wont need to RMA it!

    But can the coil whine increase over years?

    I have my i5 3570k OC ed to 4.2ghz with auto voltage too! maybe it can be the cause? or?

    Thanks guys
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