Install problem with gtx 570

noob with building computers, but i have a gtx 570 and when i go to install it i get an error saying that it cant find the graphics hardware. i put the 570 into the pciex16 slot on my motherboard like the manual said. any help would be greatly apprieciated.
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  1. Did you plug in the power cables to the video card?
  2. yes, or at least the fan on the 570 kicks on when i start it up.
  3. What power supply? ARe you plugging the monitor into the video card or the mobo?
  4. psu is tx750m. pluggin the moniter into the mobo, should it be in the video card?
  5. Yes, it should be in the video card! That's the reason it's not working probably!
  7. wow epic fail by me, alrighty then, shall bang head against desk until common sense is there,
  8. Damn I got a call and ya'll nailed it before i got to!
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