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I am about to upgrade my existing rig. One requirement is six monitors (2 - 19in @ 1280x1024, 2 - 24in @ 1980 x 1080, 1 - 19in 1024x768 and 1 is an 50in HDTV on an HDMI cable.) The first five are all DVI connections.

I currently use three vid cards on a 3 yr old ASUS MOBO) I am NOT interested in Displayport. I don't do any gaming or surround graphics, but I do want the latest technology.

Now, I cannot find definitive information about the number of displays supported by the new 670/680/690 cards, but it looks as if each card will support 3 or 4 monitors. Can I use two cards for six monitors? Which card? Thanks.
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  1. Yea you can do either a 690 or two 680s and do 6 monitors... By why might i ask? 6 monitors but no surround? you want multiple screens? is that it?
  2. Yes ... 2 cards, but I can't tell if they will drive 4, 6, or 8 monitors (2, 3 or 4 per card) and at what resoluctions. No surround because I don't really game and the monitors are not all together. I would like to drive six monitors (at the resolutions above, one of which is an HDTV). I just want to know if I can do it with ounly two cards, which cards? and would I suffer any resolution issues or lower FPS? (Surround is fine if it works with 4 of the 6 monitors). Thanks
  3. A GTX 680 drives 3 gaming monitors and a 4th monitor for browsing the web and stuff while gaming. a 690 can do the same. except instead of 6 displays on 2 GTX 680s. You will only be able to do the 4 displays (3 gaming, 1 peripheral monitor)
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