I5 3350p vs fx 6300


Is the i5 3350p worth the extra 23(euros) ?

FX 6300 132,90
AsRock 970 extreme 4 81,90

i5 3350p 149,90
AsRock z77 pro 3 87,90

I'm going to use the xfx hd 7870 core edition.
Mainly for gaming and some photoshopping/C4D
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  1. Overall, at stock speed the i5-3350p would perform better than the FX-6300. You can click the following link for reference. The i5-3350p (3.1GHz, 3.3GHz Turbo Boost) is not list so the closest CPU would be the i5-3470 (3.2GHz, 3.6GHz Turbo Boost).


    However, the i5 cannot be overclocked while the FX can be. So the FX's performance can be increased. AMD CPUs consume more power than Intel CPUs and overclocking will further widen the gap. Below is the link for total system power consumption.

  2. I know it performs better but is it worth the money?
    Does anybody know how much more fps the i5 get in a game like bf3?
  3. FX performance in games depends on the game - very variable.

    Have a look at:

  4. ah damn now I'm at the point where I started. I first wanted to buy the i3 3220 and now it is better according to the tests than the fx 6300.
    Please give me some advise wich one to buy. The fx 6300, i3 3220 or the i5 3350p?
  5. I would avoid i3s as a few recent games don't like dual core, the FX6300 as stated has variable performance while the 3350p is a safe bet and good alround but the 6300 can overclock alot. also AM3+ will most likely support future CPUs and 1155 will not. If you plan to overclock get the 6300 if not the 3350p is definitely good and a safe option. Thats my opinion anyway.
  6. Sorry I mean't to add if the GPU is reduced by spending more on the CPU then you should get the best CPU you can still get the 7870. And my advise is for the gaming use only as I have no idea on the other uses but I suspect they are similar.
  7. simon12 said:
    also AM3+ will most likely support future CPUs and 1155 will not.

    defenatly going for the fx 6300 if that is the case.
  8. Good choice and good luck. I don't think there is a bad choice between the 6300 & 3350p but if you want upgrade-ability AM3+ every time.
  9. dirtyferret said:
    but will those future CPUs ever offer socket 1155 i5/i7 performance....

    good point but I think they'll do, I don't think amd is going to let intel win this time. And if the new ones support AM3+ they must be better than the old fx serie.
  10. If you look at crysis 3 benchmarks will intel ever offer AMDs performance (on a mainstrean CPU)?
  11. Here is a brief summary for both


    Faster 4 cores
    Almost zero overclocking ability
    No upgradability to Haswell or future chips (Socket 1155 has come to an end)
    Low power consumption
    Since it has no integrated graphics (P edition), if your Graphics card dies, you'll be left with an unusable system till you get a replacement.


    6 medium speed cores
    Unlocked multiplier, very easy overclocking
    Can upgrade to future SteamRoller chips on the same AM3+ socket
    High power consumption
    Althought the CPU doesn't have a backup integrated graphics, some motherboard do (not sure which chipset), so you won't be stuck with an unusable box if your card fails :)

    However, both are more than capable of handling high end gaming, and as games slowly start using more cores (like crysis3), the FX-6300 should get rid of any gaming performance delta it has with the i5 :)
  12. I would recommend the 6300. It is a very capable CPU for modern gaming.
  13. dirtyferret said:
    love when people are completely clueless and make up crap


    Man that applies right back at you :D

    Maybe I'm blind, or the FX-6300 isn't mentioned on that list !!
    If you see the difference between the FX-8350 and 8150, I'm pretty sure that FX-6300 can manage 56 FPS easy.

    And maybe you find plain English difficult to comprehend, but I've stated "as games slowly start using more cores". What I mean is the gaming situation 3-4 years down the road, so I don't know what you trying to prove by posting a benchmark that's barely 2 weeks old.
  14. Based on the following benchmarks the FX-6300 actually does quite well in Crysis 3.

    Source: http://www.pcgameshardware.de/Crysis-3-PC-235317/Tests/Crysis-3-Test-CPU-Benchmark-1056578/

    I used the same graph in another thread yesterday regarding CPU scaling in Crysis 3.

    The i5-3350p is not listed as part of the benchmarks though. However, the general consensus is that Ivy Bridge is on average 6% more powerful than Sandy Bridge. The i5-3350p is clocked at 3.1GHz that means it is almost equivalent to a 3.3GHz (3.286GHz to be exact) quad core Sandy Bridge CPU. The closet match would be the i5-2500k at 3.3GHz.

    The performance difference between the FX-6300 (46.4 FPS) and i5-2500k (46.2 FPS) is 0.2FPS. Given a margin of error of 0.5% since benchmark results can fluctuate bases on some background windows processes, the two CPUs basically gives similar performance.
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  16. L Helps said:
    ah damn now I'm at the point where I started. I first wanted to buy the i3 3220 and now it is better according to the tests than the fx 6300.
    Please give me some advise wich one to buy. The fx 6300, i3 3220 or the i5 3350p?

    i5's are top of the line for gaming. i would get it in this order i5 > fx 6300 > i3

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