On load my GPU superheats in seconds!

Hello, recently my graphic card(mobility radeon5730) simply overheats when i run a game. Afterrealising that this is a permanent problem i made a test with msi kombustor. so after starting a a burn in test or any benchmark, my gpu load goes up to 100% and temperature rises by something like 7degrees per second...

is it possible that a windows update caused it?
please help me, ive already tried alot of things (yes the cooler is clean, fan working properly and cooling paste is also o.k it simply must be a software or sensor error)
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  1. If you are using a benchmark, the GPU load should go to 100.

    What do you mean by overheats? Does the laptop shut off? Does it smell funny, smoke, get too hot to be near?
  2. The laptop simply shuts down(no log off or anything, just like i'd cut the electricity) but physically nothing changes, no temperature changes simply nothing.... the entire cooling process just worked fine a minute(days) ago..

    if the gpu is at 0% load it works stable at 55degrees. this only changes if i open a 3d process( perhaps a broken directx or opengl?)
  3. So you re-applied new heat grease to the heatsink and re-installed it? The video chip may be damaged also, in which case no amount of fiddling with the heatsink and cooling will save it.

    If you want to see if it's software, you can install a secondary Windows setup in a different directory or partition and try running off that.
  4. already tried this, ive bought a new hd for my laptop, installed windows and it worked but then again after an update i've got the same problem...so i quickformated the hd and installed windows again but the problem persisted.. wtf?
  5. If the update was for a video driver, that would cause issues. I have run into many issues where a bad video card works OK on base VGA drivers but crashes with updated ones.
  6. a video card should work under load aok no matter what drivers - pure coincidence that it seems to work on other drivers etc

    if its under warranty send it back, if not perhaps pull the laptop apart (if your game), replace the thermal paste and if the gpu is using a TIM (thermal interface mat) try to replace it with a copper shim (optional i dont usually bother, has to be the perfect size too big and everything else wont get cooled, too small and it wont contact the GPU etc)

    could also be a dust buildup blocking the cooling, or even the CPU overheating during GPU testing

    if its a toshiba then its probably a cap problem and not the gpu (some work with battery only NOT on mains and will work like that 100%) - toshibas are rubbish

    if its nvidia graphics its also a common fault

    if its HP its a poorly designed chassis not allowing proper air flow
  7. @Hang the 9
    now i tried it with the original lenovo drivers, old catalyst drivers, catalyst beta drivers and standarg vga drivers, no changeat all

    @apache lives
    i have no warranty anymore. A have already done these passes and applied an hq copper paste (about 30bucks for 3gramms) to chipset and gpu... as i said, the cooler isclean and working(and so the fan)

    would it help if i upload an aida64 report?
    and if yes how do i do this here x)?
  8. It sounds like your video chip is fried. If it does not even run properly on the generic VGA drivers, don't see it being fixed by anything short of replacing the video chip if you can even do that on your model.

    As an outside thing, you can try different RAM, could cause crashes as the system still would use some shared RAM for video even with a discrete chip/
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