Computer thinks HD 6720G2 is HD 6520G?

I went to install drivers (AMD Catalyst) because I thought performance was slow in games. After the install device manager showed my graphics card as a HD 6520G instead of a HD 6720G2 like the computer is supposed to have. It also shows HD 6650M.

The computer uses the AMD A6 Vision APU. I'm just concerned as to why it seems to think my video card is downgraded after trying to update the drivers.

Help with how I could revert the changes made when installing the drivers so the computer recognizes it as a HD 6720G2


HD 6720G2
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  1. It doesn't see the integrated gpu?
  2. You should never update laptop drivers, try find a way to get the default drivers from your laptops website or do a backup.
  3. hmm yeah i agee try and get some drivers from where you bought the laptop
  4. The Radeon HD 6720G2, is basically a combination of the middle-class level AMD Radeon HD 6650M and the integrated AMD Radeon HD 6520G(APU). This system is known as AMD Dual Graphics and also asymmetric CrossFire.

    The program You use to view your GPU specs is probably imcompatible with this kind of GPU setup
  5. It's possible that AMD Dual Graphics is dissabled, you can enable it again in AMD catalyst control center
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