New pc shutting down during games

Hello everyone need a hand, set this under graphics since my PC shuts down during gameplay.

This is the pc specs

Asus M5A87 - AM3+
AMD FX6200 3.8GHZ (6core)
16gig RAM DDR3
1gb Radeon 7750
500w Corsair GS500 Gaming series 80+
Asus Xonar DB Soundcard
+few fans
as far as I can tell all the drivers are fully updated(graphics,DX, sound etc)

Think that's the main bits, not use to describing whats inside a PC.

Now if people are not confused the problem.

The pc is fresh out the box got this today, going to be contacting the company tomorrow but thought I'd ask here as well. Now when I'm at the desktop or browsing//using the net like now the PC is fine have no problems, but when I run a game and now this varies on the games I've tested.

Supreme commander forged alliance (didn't crash for the time I played)
Darksiders 2 - (completely new game just out) crashed as soon as I started the main game where you control the character so not in any cinematic, crash time seems to vary.

I've tried other games as well but because of fresh PC don't have my complement of games, the ones I've tried sometimes don't crash or crash 1hr n half later or within the first 10minutes.

Now what I've noticed is that it usually only crashes when something graphic changes like picking up a weapon making it appear on screen, or selecting something which changes the menu so changing the graphics. (mainly darksiders 2)

When I get a crash the PC just shuts down, no warnings, just gone. No idea whats going wrong and since its a brand new PC, it shouldn't just shutdown which what usually happens if something overheats. (don't have first hand experience of this so going by what I've seen other people describe), also the PC has been on less than a few hours and hardly any gaming so it hasn't had time to got hot.

Anyway that's that, thought I'd throw that out and see what people think. Thanks for any input people can come up with.
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  1. I'd say it's either overheating (download HWMonitor to comfirm/deny it) or faulty memory ( download site to test it).
  2. I'll give them a try thanks for fast response
  3. Overheat ftw!

    Did you put the heatsink on the CPU? If so did you use the stock heatsink? If you are using the stock heat sink (which you never should) the AMD heatsinks are worthless and you will need to buy an after market.
  4. I haven't touched the insides of the PC, the CPU cooler is a 'Arctic Freezer A30' and 'cooler master elite 430' tower case. The CPU cooler is better than the stock, the stock PC is mainly what I've got in my post, so by going by the stock PC it shouldn't overheat anyway. Only thing I've added to the PC via the company site was few extra fans, and the CPU cooler.

    I find it odd that its overheat so fast.

    Hardware side of things for PC I'm in the air about this stuff, I usually do software bits.
  5. Well did you check the temperatures? easy way to go that is downloading Furmark and Prime95, and running their stress tests simultaneously. In 6-7 minutes the temperature will reach its peak, and that is a good moment to check it.
  6. heh, no time to check the the temperatures, something is wrong for sure, ran both at the same time, PC shutdown right after I clicked 'start', now I can understand the PC shutting down if I had this running for a while or really pushing it, like a stress test, but from cold start up, it shouldn't overheat in 0.1seconds.
  7. Did it shutdown when you hit "start" for prime95 or for furmark?

    Also, where did you buy this PC from? Cyberpower or some similar company?
  8. boot up and get into the bios and check out the temps in the PC Health section that most bio's have. Should let you know the cpu temps there at least.
  9. temp is 51'c from bios,using HWmonitor its 35'c just while im typing this and I got this PC from ginger6, UK company.

    Also showed a temp for MB at 26'c not too sure what parts that's for.

    When I did the test on both I started prime95 first then furmark which then crashed a few seconds later, but I just tried each separately, and furmark ran for quite a while, didn't crash or anything, but running prime95 it crashed soon after starting

    sorry if I'm making this a bit difficult to get across.
  10. You're getting everything across alright, it's just a confusing issue.

    It sounds like whenever you put a heavy load on the CPU, your computer shuts down. My best guess is that whoever put your CPU heatsink on, didn't do a very good job and it's overheating. If you are technically inclined, you can try re-seating it and see if that resolves the issue.
  11. Think your right about that, had this thing less than 24 hours now its back to company for them to fix it, hopefully haha, its got a warrenty seal on so can't open it without throwing the money I paid our the window,real pain this.

    I can live using my laptop another week or so, thanks for all the input.
  12. It's not temperature. If it crashes with both furmark or prime independently, it's either faulty power supply unit or bad RAM. I'd bet on RAM though.
  13. He said when he ran Furmark alone, his computer didn't crash. When he ran prime95 alone it did. That makes me think there's a problem with the CPU, most likely heat related.
  14. Anyway, it would not crash that fast. No way. Overheating also wouldn't explain why it lasted longer without furmark running.
  15. Well at this point, it doesn't really matter what exactly the problem is. He can't open his case without voiding his warranty and it's most definitely a hardware issue so the only thing he can do is send it back.
  16. He can test his memory :P. If he finds out exactly what's wrong and tells them, they will fix it faster and he'll have the PC back sooner.
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