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Celeron G1620 vs Pentium G860 vs G2120

I am starting to see a lot of builds around Intel's Pentium G2020/2120, and also noticed that Newegg now has a line of Ivy Bridge Celeron CPUs, G1610/G1620. The Celeron's seem like an amazing deal at only $50-$60, even cheaper than the Sandy Bridge Pentium G860, and rated at only 55W. The G2129 is the most expensive but still a good deal at almost $100.

I have a recent HTPC build around a G540 and I'm very happy with it.

I am thinking about one of these for a simple home office build, no gaming, just web surfing, some light music and DVD encoding, and Open Office applications. Anyone here having good experience with the G1610/20 for this type of build? What would be the benefit of going up to G860 or G2120?

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    The only advantages would be somewhat more cache and somewhat higher frequency, maybe also somewhat better memory support. If you're not doing anything particularly intensive, then there probably won't be any discernible differences.
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