Upgrade Cpu or Gpu first? Amd x4 920 & 4870 1gig

Looling to upgrade to a I5 3570 (I dont oc) and a 6870.1gig since all I play are Mmos and in my budget. Which would be the better upgrade first and is my pc currently able to play GW2 on medium or low settings and be bearable?
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  1. I would upgrade first the GPU since your processor is still a good processor and the i5 3570 is also a quad core so you wouldn't see much difference in games. In other applications more CPU demanding maybe it would be better to change the CPU first but I gaming im sure you would see a bigger difference. Plus you won't have to change the motherboard and that should make you economical savings.
  2. Your current pc should be ok on a mixture of low and medium settings for the best performance. Also for your new build, get the cpu first. If this is all you will be playing guild wars is very cpu intensive. But if you play other games such as first person shooters, get the gpu first.
  3. I would upgrade the graphics card first. If your CPU is a Phenom II, then it is plenty enough to play GW2.

    Although you definitely meed the recommended spec requirements:


    I would wait till it comes out to upgrade. It should be able to play fine, but if you discover you want to play with more of the eye candy on, then upgrade the graphics card.
  4. The x4 920 also uses ddr 2 ram not 3 if that is a factor as well.
  5. In terms of graphics cards, that doesnt matter. I have a Phenom II 965, and it runs on DDR2 RAM just fine.
  6. Thank you guys for taking the time to answer my question.
  7. No prob.
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