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Upgrading Hard drive

I have a SSD coming in today, and am going to be installing it on my server. To add to that, i am going to be upgrading to Windows 8 (no comments necessary lol) My question is, how do i go about doing this? I have a raid card controlling my storage, and all the files i have on the current OS HDD, i can do with out. So i guess what im saying is how do i do a fresh install of Windows 8 with the new SSD, and not lose my data on my array. I do notice that my raid controler has its own bios, and i had to create a virtual drive, so im guessing that in a way, its kind of sertate from the OS. Anyways correct me if im wrong, and give advice where its due.

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    I'm assuming the current OS drive is not on the raid controller. In that case simply replace the HDD with the ssd and when you install windows8 selet the SSD to install to.
  2. You are correct. And my raid will be how it is now, like windows 8 will reconize it and not ask to reformat or any thing?
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