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Hi everyone, I just bought a CPU yesterday which is AMD Athlon II X3 450. But CPU-z shows that it is Sempron 145. I don't know if the seller didn't also know that it isn't really Athlon X3 inside the package.

Do you have any suggestions?
What if they refuse to replace or refund?

My mobo isn't really that expensive or on the LIST.
its GeForce6100 Value, said that it supports AM3 CPUs which is Athlon II X3 450.

Thank you for your answers.
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    Are you checking with the latest version of CPU-Z? Did you flash your motherboards BIOS to the latest version

    Double check if you can see 3 cores in Task manager or not.

    If you still see it as a sempron, most possibly the shop guy tried to dupe you :(
  2. Thanks for your reply. Do i need to flash it? how?
    no i don't see 3 cores in it. even in computer properties still shows sempron 145.
    and i dont see any performance increase.
    if the guy did it to me lol, i still have the warranty.

    Do I still have the chancer to replace it ?
    If my motherboard is not flashed to the latest version, would I get kind of issue like showing wrong cpu model? Thanks mr. Shawn
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  4. I just scratched the thermal paste in the CPU and I saw AMD Sempron and it's not Athlon II.

    I didn't notice it because it has already thermal paste causing to block the details.
  5. If its a sempron, then most probably the store guy tried to cheat you.
    However, there still might be a chance that it happened by don't get all rude and abusive with the guy, tell him what has happened calmly first.
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