Right speaker emitting annoying noise

Ok, first of all

I recently purchased an ASUS K75VJ http://www.asus.com/Notebooks_Ultrabooks/K75VJ/#specifications ; the built-in speakers work perfectly, but i wanted a clearer sound and so i tried using other speakers i had on my previous laptop (these http://apacelli.com/photo/philips/philips-spa2201-1.jpg ), and noticed that the right speaker emits an annoying noise (like FFRRRR).

The left speaker works correctly and, turning the volume off on the right one from the control panel "fixes" it (meaning that the noise disappears). However, since the audio is stereo, some songs sound weird (since the part of the sound that should be reproduced more on the other speaker is absent), which is a letdown.

These speakers work correctly on my other laptop and so i thought it was a problem of this new one; i installed and updated all the drivers (tried even the drivers given in this website), but with no result.

I tried a new pair of speakers to see the difference and the problem was always the same: the right speaker emitted a static/annoying sound (FFFRRRRR).

I cleaned the jack, but no results. I also don't think there is any dust in the jack port, since the laptop is only 1month old. I cleant it nonetheless with compressed air. Nothing

The noise itself is not that "loud" and with music on high volume it gets totally covered.... but i rarely put the volume high and for some reason, when listening to music i rather focus on the noise rather than on the music itself, lol.

Do you need additional informations? The audio driver is "Realtek high definition audio" for the built in speakers/mic. When i connected the "external" speakers there was no "installing" to do; it just worked straight from there.

Thanks, as this is getting very annoying

PS: there is no phone or other electronic devices near my laptop. I didn't modify anything, the laptop is totally new and it still got its default stuff. I already updated everything. There is no virus.

PS2: i'll ask this in another topic, but for some reason i sometimes get blue screens of death for apparently no reason. After the laptop restarts itself, it updates on its own, lol.
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  1. Any idea?

    Could it be a defective jack port or it's most likely a drivers' issue? Those speakers work correctly on my other laptops... or is it that those speakers are not compatible with the realtek audio driver or that perhaps the audiocard is too new/recent and doesn't support old(they aren't even that ancient) speakers?

    Thanks for your attention
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